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How to Maintain the Health of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Series 5G Battery so that it lasts even more

Gadgetren – The battery is a very important component in a smartphone because it functions as a source of life when used in everyday life.

Of course, maintaining battery health so that it is in prime condition will provide many advantages, such as the device being able to stay on for a full day even though it has been used for a long time.

Therefore, Samsung also provides a variety of features on the Galaxy S23 Series 5G that can be used to maintain battery health. Apart from that, you also need to know the reasons why battery health can decrease.

Use Protect Battery Feature

Samsung through the Samsung Galaxy S23 Series 5G has a feature that can limit the battery capacity used to only 85% to extend the battery life cycle. This feature called Protect battery can be found in the Battery settings in the Settings menu.

This feature is suitable for those of you who often charge at night while sleeping. So you don’t need to worry that the battery will be at 100% all night because it has been limited by the system which can reduce battery health if this happens often. Why?

Samsung OneUI Protect Battery

Basically, batteries in today’s smartphones use Lithium, which will naturally deteriorate due to usage cycles, although it has advantages such as fast charging times to large capacities.

In this case, when the battery is discharging from 100% to 0% it will be counted as 1 cycle and will increase the number of further cycles during use. The more cycles that have passed, the lower the battery’s ability to store power.

Likewise if you leave the battery in 0% or 100% condition for a long time. This process can be slightly dampened by charging when the battery remains at 40% and recharging it up to 80% so that the battery will not be too burdened by too drastic changes.

Aktifkan Disable USB Power Deliver

Lithium battery health can also be degraded by extreme temperatures in which case it is too cold or too hot. Precisely the ideal temperature of Lithium is in the range of -20 °C to 60 °C in order to work optimally.

Therefore, you should avoid using the device continuously when it is already hot if you want to keep the battery in prime condition. Moreover, the device is also used under the hot sun or while charging it because it can make the component temperature even hotter.

To help those of you who frequently use your smartphone while charging it, the Galaxy S23 Series 5G also presents a solution in the form of a new feature called Pause USB Power Deliver which can be accessed via Game Booster settings.

With this feature, power will be supplied directly to the chipset when used while charging so it doesn’t go through the battery first. This feature will also be active when the battery has a minimum of 20% charge, so you can still use the Galaxy S23 Series 5G while connected to a charger to play games more comfortably because the temperature of the components is cooler and you don’t have to worry about the health of the battery declining quickly.

Optimize Dark Mode

Dark Mode is a feature that has been present in OneUI by Samsung for a long time. This feature can change the appearance of the system to a dark color, even completely black. So looking at the screen at night will feel more comfortable for the eyes.

But the advantages of Dark Mode are not only that. The Galaxy S23 Series 5G which already uses the Dynamic AMOLED X2 screen panel can turn off each pixel to get true black. That way, power consumption can also be more efficient, especially if there is a lot of black in the background image.

Samsung OneUI Dark Mode

By reducing power usage, the Galaxy S23 Series 5G can also be used for a longer time before having to recharge it. Of course, this will also have an impact on the battery cycle because it doesn’t have to be charged as often as previously described.

In fact, the principle of maintaining battery health on the Galaxy S23 Series 5G is not much different in general. It’s just that Samsung has embedded several features such as Protect Battery and Pause USB Power Delivery which can make it easier for you to ensure that the battery can work optimally as long as possible.

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