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How to lose 5 kilos in a month in a healthy way


The physical well-being and psychic These are two issues that go hand in hand. The fact of wearing a healthy diet it makes our body have enough energy and strength to be able to carry out all daily activities and feel better mentally. However, in case what you are looking for is a diet that makes you lose weight fastdo not miss this simple way to do it.

Load our plates with healthy foods, rich in proteins, will provide us with a series of benefits that will allow us to lose weight quickly and easily. the doctors Mar Mira and Sofia Ruiz del Cuetofrom the Mira+Cueto Clinic have proposed a diet rich in proteins to follow for a month and be able to lose all those excess kilos.

The experts consider that “in a week no more than 2 kilos are lost and a large part of it may not be fat and it may be fluid loss. We will have a decrease especially in volume ». What’s more, in a single month you can lose four to five kilos with a great decrease in volume. Although the first week will be more restrictive in carbohydrates, from the second you can already include fruits, legumes and rice.

Guidelines to follow to comply with the diet

Below we detail the main keys to this simple and healthy diet promoted by the Mira+Cueto Clinic that allows you to lose around five kilos in less than a month:


  • Milk skimmed lactose-free or soy milk with coffee or infusion + non-caloric sweeteners.
  • Wholemeal bread or barley, rye or oats + a protein intakewhether it’s turkey ham, york ham, fat-free serrano ham or a tortilla.
Wholemeal bread
Wholemeal bread


During mid-morning we will have a protein snacks like during breakfast. In this snack it is recommended to eat turkey, york, serrano ham or an omelette with two egg whites.

Food during the diet

Food is the fundamental part of the diet. This will be divided into first course and second course:

First course: vegetables or salad

For the first course we must add vegetables. These must be steamed, grilled, roasted in the oven, they can be mixed together and it is convenient to use aromatic herbs to vary the flavors and make the diet more bearable.

For the first course, we recommend lettuce, mushroom, spinach, chard, courgette, and mix with tomato, cauliflower, green beans and aubergines, limited to 200 grams.

Dishes to include in the diet:

  • Lamb’s lettuce, tomato and cucumber salad.
  • Green Beans With Tomato.
  • Vegetable stew.
  • Roasted or grilled vegetables.
  • Sautéed broccoli.
  • Vegetable cream or a gazpacho without bread.
green leafy vegetables
green leafy vegetables

Second course: protein from meat or fish

  • Chicken, turkey, eggs, white or blue fish.
  • Red meat only twice a week.
  • Steamed mussels, cuttlefish, octopus, squid, shellfish, prawns, etc.

Dishes to choose from:

  • Grilled or grilled chicken with lemon.
  • Roast beef with peppers.
  • French omelette with seasoned tomato.
  • Baked salmon.
  • Oven roasted sea bass.
  • Beef tenderloin.
  • Asparagus or zucchini omelette.
Spinach Tortilla
Spinach Omelette – Canva

Afternoon snack

As in breakfast, in the snack it is advisable to take proteins. The best options to choose are:

  • 3 slices of turkey + coffee or infusion without milk.
  • Skimmed yogurt 0% + 3 nuts + coffee or infusion without milk.


During dinner it is healthy to eat a single plate which could be one of the following:

  • Tomato salad, tuna belly and seasoned onion.
  • Boiled egg with natural tomato.
  • Vegetable cream (carrot or courgette without potato).
  • Sautéed artichokes with ham.
  • Baked or grilled vegetables Salad
  • Prawns (Assorted lettuces, cooked prawns or prawns, tomatoes, lemon, sesame seeds and extra virgin olive oil).
  • Sautéed mushrooms with ham
    Grilled mushrooms.
truths and myths of a vegan and vegetarian diet
Vegetables and fruits- Pixabay

From Tododisca we recommend keeping in mind that this diet, despite being prepared by professional dietitians, must be agreed with our specialist, as it may be the case that we carry it out incorrectly and produce more inconveniences than benefits in the long run.

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