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How to lock WhatsApp with a pin so that other people don’t peek

Gadgetren – The WhatsApp messaging application has become a good communication medium for sending messages, chatting, calling, making video calls, to sending documents such as photos, videos, and other files.

By relying on the internet network and free of charge, everyone can use the internet WhatsApp to communicate with friends, family and loved ones.

But behind this convenience, of course, there are many opportunities for user security to be threatened, such as important data in it. Because WhatsApp has also provided an encrypted security system so that data that users share in chats and shares can be protected from third parties.

In addition to the security system that has been guaranteed by WhatsApp, this communication application also provides other security systems so that users can more comfortably communicate or use the WhatsApp application.

One of them is an application lock where only the user can open it by entering a password or fingerprint scanner. This feature is officially provided directly by WhatsApp and users can activate it in the settings menu.

By providing a locking feature, the WhatsApp application will not be easily opened by other people who want to read the contents of our conversations or sensitive information so that the user’s privacy and security can be maintained. We can also use both locks at the same time both passwords and fingerprints.

How to Lock WhatsApp with a Pin

In addition to using a Pin via Two-step verification, you can also activate the fingerprint scanner to enter WhatsApp via the Settings menu or settings followed by selecting the Privacy menu.

Then you can select the menu at the bottom by scrolling the screen until it runs out and tap the Fingerprint Lock button. Slide the switch to the right to activate the fingerprint lock and select the lock duration with options locked immediately, after 1 minute locked, and after 30 minutes locked.

You can also disable the menu to show or not the sender of the message on the notification so that it can’t be seen by other people who are near your cellphone. But if you want to see notifications and senders, you can also slide the button to the right to allow it.

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