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How to Lock TikTok Accounts Private So It Can’t Be Seen by Random People

Gadgetren – TikTok is becoming short video service which in addition to being able to be used as self-promotion by creating content so that brands can pay for it, but also a place to find entertainment instantly.

Everyone can watch a variety of interesting content on TikTok which provides entertainment and educational information such as video tutorials or even getting news information.

The amount of information that we can of course also have to be filtered because some are not important and some can be saved to our TikTok profile. Vice versa, every content that we create should also be useful information and not personal.

We also need to limit playing TikTok to avoid things that might harm us. Therefore, to be able to stay safe and healthy playing short TikTok videos, we can also make our account a private or closed account.

Private accounts themselves can protect us because every video we make can only be seen by our friends who follow or vice versa. Private accounts can also prevent other users from commenting on every video we make, especially with inappropriate comments.

For some people, making the account private is still important to get privacy. However, maybe for some people whose accounts are business accounts or get blue ticks, of course, private accounts cannot be created because they have other purposes, one of which is as a place to promote their products.

How to Lock TikTok Account Private

If you change your mind, you can also reopen your TikTok account at any time by swiping to the left of the button in the Private account menu. Apart from being able to set your TikTok account to private, you can also take advantage of other features to make it more secure.

For example, you can set the Stories feature so that not everyone or only your friends can see it. It also further manages the duet, stitch, and commentary features. You can also allow other people to do duets and stitches on the videos you upload to disable the comments column.

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