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How to lock the gallery on a vivo cellphone so that private photos and videos are safer

Gadgetren – Just like for applications, how to lock the gallery on vivo cellphones is also very easy to do. We don’t even need to use a third party service to do it.

The cellphone gallery is indeed one of the places that we need to protect. This is because in it sometimes there are various kinds of personal photos and videos that should not be seen or accessed by other people.

To protect it, locking the gallery can certainly be a solution. Some mobile phone companies have even provided devices with special features that can be used to do this more easily.

Vivo company is one of them. Through its Funtouch OS system interface, Vivo has an App Lock feature that can be used to lock applications, including the gallery, one of them.

It’s just undeniable, each version of Funtouch OS has a different look and steps to use this feature. Here are more complete steps on how to use it for those of you who don’t know.

How to Lock Gallery on Vivo Mobile

Funtouch OS 3.0 and Up

  • Go to page Settings
  • Enter the menu Security
  • Open options Privacy and app encryption
  • Enter a password or create one first if you don’t have one
  • Verify password if prompted
  • Look for an app named Albums
  • Activate the button next to the app

On some versions of the Funtouch OS interface, we may not find the option Privacy and app encryption on page Security. Some of them are because they are placed on the menu Fingerprint, face and password, Face and passwordor Fingerprints and passwords.

For the Funtouch interface version 2.6 or earlier, the settings to lock the gallery will not be found on the Settings page but in the i Manager application.

Funtouch OS 2.6 and below

  • Open app list
  • Search then open the app i Manager
  • Enter the menu App Lock
  • Set a password and security question if prompted
  • Or enter a password if you have created one
  • On the App Lock page, look for the app Albums
  • Lock the app by tapping the appropriate button

After using one of the two methods above, the gallery on vivo phones will be locked. We will later need to enter the password before opening the photos or videos stored in it.

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