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How to Lock the 4G Network Only on Vivo HP so that the signal moves

Gadgetren – When in an area that has an unstable connection, sometimes Vivo cellphones experience network changes from 4G to 3G or even 2G.

When the network changes continuously, the energy consumption becomes quite large so that the percentage of battery power will quickly decrease.

With the 4G network being very common, you can lock it on your Vivo cellphone to always use the 4G network so that energy consumption on the device can be more efficient.

To lock the 4G network on a vivo cellphone is very easy to do where you can use the following method.

How to Lock 4G Network in vivo

Via the Testing Page

  • Open the app Phone or Phone in vivo mobile
  • Type code *#*#4636#*#*
  • Later it will automatically enter the Testing page
  • Next, select the option Phone information
  • Select LTE Only in section Set Preferred Network Type
  • You can return directly to the page Home Screenvivo - Kode 4G Only

Via Third Party Applications

  • Download the 4G Only Network Mode app from Google Play Store
  • Open the app after installed
  • Press the button Start on the front page
  • Select the menu 5G / 4G Settings
  • Next, select the option 4G / 3G Settings
    vivo - 4G Only Apps
  • On page Phone info, select LTE Only in the Set Preferred Network type
  • The network will only be 4G Only
    vivo - 4G Only Apps - 2

Actually setting to lock 4G network with code *#*#4636#*# can easily be done on a vivo cellphone. However, it is possible that your Vivo device does not provide this access, so you can alternatively use the 4G Only Network Mode application.

Now you will enjoy a network that is always 4G when you are in various areas without changing to 3G or 2G. However, if an area does not have a 4G network, the connection indicator in the Status Bar will automatically become empty because it cannot switch to another network.

Meanwhile, the 4G network itself can only receive data, so with this connection you can only access the internet network and voice calls via VoLTE technology. In fact, regular calls and SMS can only be received over the 2G network.

That way, you should not lock the network only to 4G when you still receive normal calls and SMS.

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