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How to lock realme HP applications so they don’t open carelessly

Gadgetren – Devices made by realme are no less interesting to consider when we want to propose to a cellphone that is capable of meeting various kinds of needs.

Not only because of the specifications of the hardware that it carries, the cellphones made by Realme are also equipped with realme UI system interface which offers a variety of excellent features to the users.

Those of us who need devices with good privacy support can also choose the cellphones made by them. The realme UI system interface is also equipped with support called App lock.

With this support, we can also lock applications that are considered confidential. So other people who are lending our realme cellphone will not be able to access it even though they can open the lock screen.

To lock applications with this support, we can only need to activate the settings on the settings page. Here’s a more detailed explanation of the steps to do it for those of you who can’t.

How to Lock Applications on Mobile realme

  • Enter page Settings
  • Find and open settings Privacy
  • Open tabs Privacy if needed
  • Select the menu App lock
  • Enable settings for App lock
  • Select the appropriate key to set the lock if prompted
  • Click Use a different password type if you want to change the lock type
  • Generate a key then verify it
  • Don’t forget to complete the recovery information just in case
  • After finishing setting the lock, activate the button on the apps you want to lock
  • If needed, also activate face or fingerprint unlock support

After activating the app lock and selecting the apps you want to lock, we’ll need a password, PIN, or pattern to unlock them. We can also take advantage of the support for a fingerprint scanner or facial recognition which is more practical if you have set it up.

To return to normal we also have to disable this support in its entirety or only in certain applications. We only need to go to the App lock settings page to do this.

If you want to disable this feature entirely, we can turn off the App lock setting. Meanwhile, for certain applications, we only need to tap the button next to it to change to the off position.

Unfortunately, each version of the system interface used by real mobile phones sometimes has a slightly different appearance. We therefore have to adjust some of the steps using the app lock above if needed.

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