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How to Lock 4G Only on Samsung HP So That It Doesn’t Move Network

Gadgetren – Locking the network to 4G is indeed one way that can be taken so that the internet connection on cellphones made by Samsung can run more stable.

By doing so, the cellphone does not need to change from 4G to 3G network mode or vice versa when the signal weakens or strengthens. So internet access can run more smoothly without following these changes.

Locking the network can also save power consumption because the cellphone modem does not need to scan repeatedly. Plus, the temperature of the device can be cooler when not in use as one of the advantages.

Just like most devices based on the Android system, support for locking the network to 4G is fortunately available on Samsung’s cellphones. Although specifically need tips and tricks to open it.

Unlike some devices like Xiaomi which can be directly opened using a code *#*#4636#*#*, Samsung phones require applications from third parties. Here’s how to use it for those of you who need it.

How to Lock 4G Network on Samsung Mobile

  • Install the Force LTE Only app from Google Play Store
  • Open the app if it is already installed
  • Click Next on the first page
  • Set the required access permissions by tapping Permission
  • Follow the instructions that appear
  • Click Next again
  • Check option Accept Usage Policy
  • Click Get Started
  • Make sure to go to the tab Force LTE (ikon 4G)
  • Choose the method according to the operating system installed on your Samsung phone
  • Search section Set Preferred Network Type
  • Tap on the network settings column below it
  • Change to LTE Only
  • Close the app when it’s done

Using an application to lock the network to 4G on a Samsung phone unfortunately does not apply permanently. That is, these settings will return to their original state when we reload (restart) the device.

It’s also important to consider, locking the network to 4G will disable some features that are only available in 3G and 2G modes. This includes we may find it difficult to receive or make phone calls.

In addition, we will also not be able to access UMB (USSD Menu Browser) from related operators such as to check quotas or buy data packages. Internet access will also disappear immediately if the 4G network does not exist at all.

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