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How to Live Streaming Games on TikTok with One Cellphone

Gadgetren – Live streaming is now a place for young people who like to play to be able to make extra money.

Apart from being carried out through popular channels such as YouTube and Twitch, live streaming games are also mostly carried out on the short video application TikTok.

The live streaming game feature on TikTok is a default feature that has been provided for a long time side by side with the regular live streaming feature.

That way you can do live while playing games with the aim of getting additional followers, prizes, and offers of cooperation with related parties. However, there are special requirements for those of you who want to be able to live stream games on TikTok.

Before live streaming games on TikTok, you should first know the conditions that must be met. After the application must always be updated to the latest version, another requirement to be able to live stream is to have 1,000 followers.

If the requirements for the number of followers are met, the live streaming game feature will appear under the name Cellular Game next to the Live camera feature on TikTok.

How to Live Streaming Games on the TikTok Application

  • Enter the TikTok application on the cellphone.
  • Tap the icon button plus or + below the screen.
  • Select the menu tab Live.
  • Select the menu tab Mobile games.
  • Then fill in the title of the game you want to play as an example PUBG Mobile.
  • Tap the button Add Topic and select the game type PUBG Mobile.
  • Set the live streaming quality according to the network or internet speed on your cellphone.
  • Or you can choose which Recommended.
  • Select Live resolution landscape or vertical.
  • Tap the button Arrangement to enable other features such as Live Prizes, Moderators, Live Intros, Ratingsand Comment.
  • Activate floating window with a red icon for Broadcast Live.
  • Allow TikTok to discover nearby devices.
  • Tap the button From now on to record a live stream.
  • Then tap the button Open PUBG Mobile or other games.
  • TikTok will automatically enter the game.

If you have started live streaming, the screen display in the TikTok application will change to the selected game. On the game play page, live streaming features will be available in a floating window, such as being able to see the number of viewers and read comments from viewers.

If you don’t want any problems, try to keep your network stable so that when live streaming doesn’t suddenly stop due to internet problems. Apart from network problems, you also have to update TikTok to the latest version so that no errors occur when live streaming is running.

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