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How to Invite Friends on Fizzo Novels to Get Additional Cash

Gadgetren – Recently, many online reading application services have appeared on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store platforms, one of which is Fizzo Novel.

With online reading applications, all we have to do is download books without having to come to a physical store. There are some books that are paid and some are available for free.

Even this online reading application also allows us to earn additional money both from reading and writing stories. The unique Fizzo application, which can be downloaded for free on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store, not only allows writers to get royalties from writing contracts but also allows their readers to earn Fizzo coins.

The digital currency provided by the Fizzo application is a gift for its users from daily logging in, writing novels, reading other people’s novels, completing missions, and inviting friends.

In the Fizzo application, inviting one friend can earn up to IDR 40,000, which can be done through the Invite friends feature. All you have to do is share the invitation code via personal social media channels, WhatsApp, to email for later use by friends.

How to Invite Friends on Fizzo Novel

  • Enter the Fizzo application on your cellphone.
  • If you haven’t registered yet, you can register with email and Facebook.
  • To start inviting friends, tap the button Gift at the bottom center of the screen.How-to-invite-friends-in-fizzo-1
  • Tap the button Start or Law.How-to-invite-friends-in-fizzo-2
  • Can also tap the button Law via WhatsApp. How-to-invite-friends-in-fizzo-3
  • Or tap the icon buttons of social media applications such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, email and others. How-to-invite-friends-in-fizzo-4.

You can also copy the Invitation Code to give to friends who want to register for the application Fizzo. After the invitation code is sent, your friend can enter the code into the registration column when registering as a new user. If you have successfully logged in, you will get coins worth IDR 40,000.

If your friends use the Fizzo application regularly, then you will also get coin prizes when they log in on the first day for more than 500 coins, read novels for 30 minutes for about more than 2,000 coins the next day, read novels for 7 days in a row -consecutive for 30 minutes earn coins about more than 6,000, and many more.

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