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How to Install IDM Extension on Google Chrome To Add Download Menu

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Gadgetren – Internet Download Manager or what we call IDM is a download manager program that is widely used by Microsoft Windows-based computer users.

This application is because it is equipped with various supporting features that will make it easier for users to download files. These include scheduling, pausing, and handling broken downloads.

In addition to this convenience, this application also has an accelerator feature which is claimed to make the download process run up to five times faster. To my knowledge no one has been able to beat him.

In order to be used more practically, we just need to make a number of settings after successfully installing this download manager program. Some of us need to integrate it with the browser we are using.

Integrating IDM into various browsers is fortunately very easy. For Google Chrome, we just need to install the extension directly from the web store.

How to Install IDM Extension on Google Chrome

  • Open Chrome browser
  • Visit page Download IDM Integration Module
  • Tap the button Add to Chrome
    How to Install IDM Extension on Chrome - 1
  • Click Add Extension to confirm installation
    How to Install IDM Extension on Chrome - 2
  • Wait for the installation process to complete

When installing the IDM extension to Chrome using this method, we need to be a little careful. Many products circulating with similar names in the Chrome Web Store which of course will not work.

In its help page, Tonec as the developer of IDM also confirmed that his extension was deliberately hidden from the Chrome Web Store. So make sure to follow the link above so you don’t get it wrong.

After installing the IDM extension to Chrome, we next need to configure it so that it can be used properly. Here are some settings that need to be set to do this.

Configure IDM on Google Chrome

  • Open Chrome
  • Type chrome://extensions the URL column
  • Tap Enter
  • Make sure the button Enable on the active IDM Integration Module extension
    How to Install IDM Extension on Chrome - 3
  • Click button Details
  • Search settings Site Access
  • Change the setting to On all sites
  • Don’t forget to activate the option Allow in incognito
    How to Install IDM Extension on Chrome - 4

By doing some of the configurations above, we can then use IDM to download various files from web pages accessed via Chrome. We can try first to be sure.

If you experience problems such as the Download button or the IDM automatic download option does not appear, then the city can delete the extension on the page chrome://extensions by knocking Remove. Then reinstall it by repeating the steps above.

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