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How to Hide Numbers on GetContact by Setting Visibility

Gadgetren – The GetContact application is now very popular to be downloaded and used by Android and iOS device users to protect spam calls and find out the identity of other people’s phone numbers.

This application is actually downloaded for free. However, to get more complete services or features, we must subscribe premium package offered starting from IDR 29 thousand per month to IDR 235 thousand per year.

Subscribing to the premium package will provide additional benefits such as the absence of advertisements, being able to find or see other people snooping on our number tag, being able to see search statistics for our own number, to getting a blue tick label on the profile as a GetContact Premium user sign.

With GetContact, we can see the identity of a number that hasn’t even been saved in the contact. Usually the identity of the number will be seen in other forms of naming such as profession, agency origin, or community.

GetContact Premium subscriptions can also prevent us from being scammed by unknown numbers by setting all spam calls to give notification first or be rejected immediately.

However, there must be some who feel uncomfortable with the presence of GetContact because the number can be known just like that.

However, it should be emphasized that this feature is not available in the GetContact application, so you will definitely not find it other than through the web page.

How to Hide a Number on GetContact

After that, you can try to check to see if your phone number is no longer searchable on GetContact. If successful, then the GetContact application for other users looking for your number will display a notification saying your number can no longer be seen.

On the other hand, if your number is no longer searchable, then the application you are using will not be able to display its features until the information on your number is as long as Search Visibility is turned off.

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