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How to Hide Blue Checks on WhatsApp So Messages Look Unread

Gadgetren – WhatsApp provides security features for its users through end-to-end encryption so that data conversations, video calls, and telephone calls cannot be seen by third parties.

Apart from security features, WhatsApp also presents privacy features that are used for various situations that we want.

We can find privacy features on the three-dot icon in the WhatsApp application on the Settings menu. By setting it up, we can get more protection according to the needs of each user.

One of them is we can not display the last time we were online so that other people can’t see it. In addition, we can also adjust the profile photo so that it can only be seen by certain people, for example only people in contacts, everyone except certain people, to no one.

Likewise, WhatsApp Story status can be set by anyone who can see it, including live location, blocking contacts, and fingerprint lock. Then there is one more privacy feature where we can set a blue tick when the chat message has been read by the recipient.

How to Hide Blue Checks on WhatsApp

  • Log in to the WhatsApp application on your mobile phone.
  • On the chat page, tap the button three dots icon in the top right corner of the screen.
  • Tap the menu Settings or Arrangement. How-to-hide-blue-tick-WA-1
  • Select the menu Privacy.How-to-hide-blue-tick-WA-2.
  • On the menu Read receipts, slide the button to the left to hide the blue tick when the recipient reads our message.How-to-hide-blue-tick-WA-3
  • Then check again the message you sent whether there is a blue tick or not.

Hiding the blue tick will also apply to our own account when viewing other people’s status. Usually if we activate Read receipts, then our name will appear on the list of people watching a friend’s WhatsApp Story.

By using this feature, other people will not know if we might be looking at their WhatsApp Story. Apart from privacy features, WhatsApp also has security features that you can set yourself so that your account is more secure.

Starting from two-step verification which requires us to enter a second authentication to access the account. Furthermore, there are also security notifications for end-to-end encryption to change old WhatsApp numbers with new ones so that existing contact numbers can still be stored and can still contact us.

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