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How to Hide Applications on Xiaomi Cellphones So They Can’t Be Found

Gadgetren – One of the advantages of the MIUI system interface compared to pure Android is the various additional features or utilities that are present to support every user’s needs.

Those of us who use cellphones are not just for communicating, we can also be helped more because of that. This includes those of us who have various kinds of private applications can be a little calmer.

Apart from being equipped with an application lock feature, the MIUI system interface, especially the latest version, is also equipped with support for hiding it. So we no longer need to install third party services which tend to be more risky to use.

By using this support, we can make the application appear as if it is not installed on the cellphone. We can also access it again without having to reinstall it many times which of course can take a lot of time.

In general, we can hide applications on mobile phones made by Xiaomi via the Settings page or the Security application. As for those of you who don’t know, you can listen to the full method in the following explanation.

How to Hide Apps on Xiaomi

For MIUI 12.5 and Above

  • Open the app Security
  • Scroll down until you find the toolbox
  • Select the menu Hidden apps
  • Activate the button on the application you want to hide

After following the steps above, the app with the button enabled will no longer appear either on the main page or on the home page app drawer (app list). They will be stored in a special page called Hidden apps.

To open it, we only need to access the main page. Next, put two fingers on the screen and then move them apart like a gesture to zoom out or increase the size of the image.

The Hidden apps page will appear after we make the gesture. We will also be able to immediately access applications that were previously hidden and then use them as usual.

For MIUI 12 and MIUI 11

  • Enter page Settings
  • Go to section Apps
  • Tap the menu Apps Lock
  • Make lock settings to secure apps
  • Link Mi Account if needed
  • Also set the fingerprint scanner sensor support if you want
  • If you have entered the Apps Lock menu, tap the tab Hidden Apps
  • Tap the button on the app you want to hide

In the interface of an older system, which is MIUI 11 and 12 to be precise, we will find support for Hidden apps that are integrated with the App Lock feature. We can therefore manage both on the same page.

For even older versions of MIUI, we may encounter the Hidden apps feature App Invisible. Of course, we need to adjust some of the steps above if we want to use it to hide applications.


  • Open app drawer (application list)
  • Tap the button App Drawer Settings (nut icon) in the upper right corner
  • Enable option Hide app icons
  • Tutup App Drawer Settings
  • Reopen the app drawer
  • Swipe the page to the right twice
  • Tap the button Set password
  • Do a fingerprint scan
  • Set a lock to hide apps
  • After entering the Hide app icons page, tap it Add apps
  • Tick ​​the apps you want to hide
  • Tap the button Tick in the top right corner

If you use cellphones from the POCO line, then we also need to take a quite different method from Xiaomi devices. The feature hides the application because it is not placed in Settings or Security but in POCO Launcher.

We can set the application that we want to hide using the steps above. To access it, we can also use a similar method, namely opening the app drawer and then swiping the screen to the right twice.

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