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How to hide applications on HP Infinix so that they are not visible | Gadgetren

Gadgetren – XOS is a modified Android-based operating system by Infinix for his cell phone.

Thanks to several changes and additions, XOS has more features than pure Android.

Interesting on the system is XOS, Infinix cellphone users have been given a feature that allows them to hide applications. That way, important and private applications cannot be seen by anyone.

By default, Infinix has presented a feature called Icon Cache or Hide Apps on XOS. The function of this feature allows you to hide default or downloaded applications from the Google Play Store so they don’t just appear.

By creating a hidden application, of course other people cannot see the application or find out whether it exists or not.

How to Hide Apps on Infinix

Via Icon Cache Or Hide Apps

  • At the time on Home Screen, press and hold the screen a few seconds until several options appear
  • Next, select an option Menu
  • Press options Icon Cache or Hide Apps
  • You will be asked to create a Password, PIN, or Pattern as an access key
  • Select the application to hide
  • Give sign checklist on the application
  • Next, the marked application will disappear from the Home Screen or App Drawer

To reopen applications that have been hidden, you can follow the initial steps until the section enters the Icon Cache or Hide Apps page. It should be noted that you need a previously registered Password, PIN or Pattern to be able to open the page.

Apart from opening and running applications, you can also change the hidden application conditions to normal. If this feature is not present on the Infinix device that you are using, then you can take advantage of the XHide feature in the Phone Master application to hide applications, photos, videos, songs or other documents.

Via XHide

  • Open the app Phone Master on Infinix mobile phones
  • Enter page Toolbox, select features XHide
  • You are asked to create a password that starts with a sign ## plus four digit number behind it, for example ##4321
  • Input questions and answers when you forget the password
  • Then, select the application you want to hide on the XHide page
  • You can also return to the page Home Screen

All apps hidden in XHide will not be visible on the Home Screen and App Drawer. To be able to make the application condition normal, then you can access the XHide page and immediately unhide the hidden application.

With the presence of these features on Infinix cellphones, it will make it easier for users to hide applications without the need to use third-party applications at all.

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