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How to get rid of the Xiaomi Navigation Button so that the usage is more dynamic

Gadgetren – As if it’s not enough to just remove the physical buttons, various kinds of mobile phones today are equipped with a gesture-based navigation system to expand the screen display.

With this navigation system, we can operate the device more dynamically. We just need to make a gesture or swipe according to the instructions to Back, open Recent Apps, or return to the main page.

So it can indirectly make the operation of the cellphone more dynamic. We because we no longer need to spend a few milliseconds to match the tip of the finger with the navigation key that you want to tap.

We can also find this gesture-based navigation system on Xiaomi-made cellphones. This includes devices that are distributed under their sub-brands, both Redmi and POCO.

It’s just that to remove the digital navigation buttons and turn them into full gestures, each version of the MIUI system interface used is usually different. But in general it can be done in the following way.

How to get rid of the navigation buttons and become a gesture system

  • Go to page Settings
  • Open section Additional settings
  • Tap the menu Full screen display
  • Change the system navigation section to Full screen gesture
    How to Remove Xiaomi Navigation Keys - 1
  • Scroll down if you want to learn the operation with gestures
  • If you can, we can immediately close the Settings page

There are some notes that need to be considered if you want to operate a mobile phone made by Xiaomi with gestures. One of them, we need to learn how to use it because each device can be different.

Besides having to learn how to use it, we also have to be careful before changing the settings to Full screen gesture. We need to know that the navigation system cannot be used on third-party launchers.

When using third-party services such as Nova, Microsoft, or Hyperion Launcher, the navigation buttons will indeed disappear. It’s just that the operation with the gesture system will not work.

That’s why we need to change the launcher settings first. We can do it through the page Settings > Home screen. Next only need to replace Default launcher to POCO or System launcher according to the device model used.

In some versions of the MIUI interface, settings to remove the Xiaomi navigation buttons can also be done via this Home screen settings page. Precisely by changing the menu System navigation the Gesture.

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