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How to get rid of the dictionary on the Vivo Keyboard, the settings are a little hidden

Gadgetren – As Vivo technology develops, the virtual keyboard that is presented on the cellphone made by it starts to have a variety of interesting features ranging from autocorrection, dictionaries, auto suggestions, various emojis, layout designs, and more.

But sometimes the more features it makes users vivo cellphone feel clumsy thus reducing the speed performance for typing.

Moreover, sometimes the Dictionary feature that performs Auto Suggestion suddenly raises a word that is actually unwanted.

Usually the words given by the dictionary are close to predicting some of the letters we type with the aim that we can immediately choose the suggested word. But sometimes this is actually annoying because it often displays unwanted words.

Luckily you can turn off or remove the dictionary on the Vivo keyboard even though it’s hidden and not visible in the Settings application just like that.

How to get rid of the dictionary on the Vivo Keyboard

  • Open any app to start typing
  • When you type, you will see keyboard virtual
  • Just above the virtual keyboard, select menu Options four-box icon
  • Next, press the button More gear icon
  • On the page Setting keyboard, select the Input option
  • Press the toggle button Auto-correction and Show correction suggestions to the off positionVivo Keyboard - Remove Dictionary

It can be seen that now the settings for the input process are located directly on the Virtual Keyboard Settings page on the Vivo cellphone. That way, you won’t find any settings for dictionaries, auto correction, or auto suggestions in the default Vivo cellphone Settings application.

Actually, you only need to turn off Auto-correction and Show correction suggestions so that the dictionary feature displayed on the Vivo keyboard gets rid of it. But if at any time you want to display it again, you can follow the tutorial above and change the toggle button to the active position.

Apart from using the virtual keyboard that comes with Vivo mobile phones, you can also use keyboards made by third parties for the convenience of the typing process, such as GBoard, Fleksy Keyboard, Swiftkey, and many more.

I myself usually use the Fleksy Keyboard because it displays a clearer uppercase board which makes the typing process feel comfortable and fast. While Swiftkey is usually used if you want to write by simply making a swipe gesture on the letter board.

However, all of these keyboards already present a dictionary feature by default, so you still need to disable it if you don’t like it.

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