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How to Get Rid of the Annoying Headset Mark on Infinix HP

Gadgetren – To compete with other manufacturers in Indonesia, Infinix has presented a variety of mobile phones with specifications and attractive prices.

Like other cellphones, sometimes there are still problems with Infinix cellphones when used for a long time.

One of them is the headset mark that doesn’t disappear at the top of the screen even though the earphones or headphones have been removed. The presence of a headset sign will be annoying because if the sound will not be heard from the speakers because the system thinks that there is an audio device connected.

1. Clean the Headset Jack

One of the things that causes this problem is usually because the 3.5mm jack port is dirty so it looks as if the surface of the plug is being plugged in earphones or headphones.

You can clean it with a tissue or cloth until the dirt completely disappears. If successful, then the headset sign should also disappear.

2. Reconnect the Audio Device

Sometimes when you disconnect the audio device in a hurry, the system still accidentally displays the headset sign at the top of the screen because it thinks it’s still connected.

You can reconnect earphones or headphones to the audio port repeatedly to be sure that the headset mark is gone.

3. Use the Disable Headphone Application

You can use the Disable Headphone application, HDST Toggle to try to get rid of the headset lag on Infinix mobile phones. This application can also be downloaded directly from Google Play Store.

On the Disable Headphones main page, all you have to do is select the button Speaker to switch to Speaker Mode. Next, press the button Test Sound to check whether the sound comes out of the speaker or not.

4. Factory Reset

If none of the methods above work, unfortunately maybe you don’t want to have to do a Factory Reset so that the system is restored to its original state. This feature will delete data so you have to back up data first so that it can be recovered.

You can reset your Infinix cellphone by accessing the menu Erase all data (factory reset) in settings. After the Factory Reset process is complete, the cellphone will go to the initial settings menu.

Usually the headset sign will disappear because the XOS operating system is back to normal as before. But for the record, Factory Reset should be the last solution if above there is no successful way to do it.

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