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How to Get Rid of Friend Suggestions To Find People on Instagram So It Doesn’t Disturb

Gadgetren – On the Instagram profile page, we often find a list of recommended friend suggestions through an algorithm based on the cellphone number we save.

This of course can make it easier for us to find people we know at Instagram. With a list of friend suggestions that appear on the profile, we also don’t need to ask our friend’s Instagram account.

In the list of friend suggestions, we can immediately follow people we know or tap the cross if we don’t want that person to appear again.

Actually, the list of recommended friends on Instagram can only be seen by our own account. However, a list of friend suggestions for some people might make using Instagram uncomfortable because it looks annoying.

If you experience this, then you can remove the list of friend suggestions. By default Instagram already provides a special feature to remove the list of friend suggestions that can be accessed on the direct profile page.

On the profile page, we can temporarily remove the friend suggestion list by tapping the person icon to the right of the Edit profile menu. Apart from that, you can permanently change your Instagram account profile to a professional account.

Here you can fill in professions that suit you personally on Instagram, such as personal blogs, bloggers, writers, editors, and many more.

How To Get Rid Of Friend Suggestions To Find People On Instagram

That way your Instagram account won’t bring up friend suggestions again. But if you want to keep your Instagram profile closed, you can still permanently delete the friend suggestion list as long as you don’t tap the icon button to the right of Edit profile.

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