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How to Get Rid of Annoying Ads on Realme HP

Gadgetren – By default, the device realm has presented a Commercial Content Recommendation or an advertisement with content recommended by the system.

Even though sometimes there are interesting advertisements, some users feel annoyed when advertisements appear suddenly while on the Lock Screen page, running applications, opening Settings, or carrying out other activities.

However, the realme UI that is present on realme devices already provides a feature that can be used to remove ads with recommended content.

How to Remove Ads in realme

Turn off the Get recommendations feature

  • App access Settings on realme devices.
  • Type in keywords Get on column Search at the top.
  • Select an option Get recommendations for ad settings.
  • Enter the menu Get recommendations.
  • Finally, press the toggle button all the way to the off position.

After it’s done, the ads that appeared before should disappear. By using the Search column, you can immediately find Get recommendations without the hassle of going to various menus.

Furthermore, you also need to disable the Limit Ad Tracking feature whose function is to limit the ad content that appears.

Turn off Limit ad Tracking

  • Open the app Settings on realme devices.
  • Type in keywords Ads on column Search.
  • Select an option Limit ad tracking.
  • Press the toggle button Limit ad tracking to the off position.

Ads that appear can also appear as a result Adware installed without being noticed, usually due to downloading apps from dubious sources.

Turn off Adware

  • Visit the app Settings on realme devices.
  • Select the menu App management.
  • Next, select an option App list.
  • Look for suspicious apps that you feel you never installed.
  • Enter the application settings.
  • On the page App info, Press the button Uninstall.

Indeed, ads that appear suddenly can indeed be very annoying because they interfere with activities, so it’s a good idea to remove them if you feel you have crossed the line.

The presence of advertisements on realme devices is not so surprising because it functions as a monetization method like what Xiaomi has also done some time ago to cover a very affordable price.

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