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How to find out your Samsung account ID and password if you forget it

Gadgetren – Adding a Samsung Account is indeed very important for those of us who are using devices made by Samsung, from cellphones, tablets, to smart televisions.

The support for the membership system is because it allows us to take full advantage of various kinds of support in the Samsung ecosystem. This includes backup, restore, and data synchronization.

With a Samsung Account, we can also access exclusive applications such as Samsung Pay for payments and SmartThings for managing the Internet of Things ecosystem. We will also really need it when we will reset the device.

Samsung Account itself can be used for many devices although each will generally only be allowed to use one account. So we can more easily switch from one to another without worrying about data transfer.

The problem is, what if we suddenly forget the ID from our Samsung Account. Can we find him again? For those of you who experience this, you can listen to the answer as follows.

How to Find out Samsung Account ID

  • Go to page Find ID Samsung via browser
  • Enter your email address or phone number in the field provided
  • Click button Continue
  • Fill in the form on the next page with the appropriate data
  • Press Continue
  • Press the button Send CodeHow to Find Samsung Account ID - 1
  • Copy the verification code from SMS or email according to what is used
  • Enter the verification code into the Verification code field
  • Tap the button Verify

If the data that we convey is correct or has been connected to a certain account, then the next page will display the relevant Samsung Account ID. We need to select the correct one if more than one is found.

We can also directly use the Samsung Account ID for the device we want to connect. But keep in mind that we also need a password in order to use it.

Those of us who apparently also forgot the password from the Samsung Account ID also need to recover it first. The steps that can be taken to do this can be seen as follows.

How to Recover Samsung Account Password

  • Go to page reset password Samsung
  • Enter the email address of the Samsung Account ID
  • Tap the button Reset Password
  • Select the verification menu according to what you want to use
  • Tap Continue
  • Open the email or password reset message sent by Samsung
  • Tap the link or button Reset Password
    How to Find Samsung Account ID - 2
  • Enter the new password in the field provided
  • Confirm the new password in the next column
  • Tap Continue
  • Choose the option to sign out or stay signed in on other devices as needed

After successfully finding the ID and recovering the Samsung Account password, we can also use it to log in from the device used. So we can immediately enjoy the various benefits.

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