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How to find out if your cellphone supports the 5G network or not

Gadgetren – 5G network technology offers various kinds of convenience to users. One of them, data access can be many times faster than the previous generation.

In Indonesia, the 5G network has been implemented since 2021. Some mobile operators like Telkomsel and Indosat Hutchison Ooredoo have even implemented it into their network even though it’s not evenly distributed.

The good news is that the development of 5G network infrastructure from various cellular operators has also been welcomed by cellphone manufacturers. Many devices that have recently launched are equipped with this technology.

We can specifically distinguish cellphones that already support this technology or not by looking at the 5G frill in the name. If there is a Vivo T1 5G, OPPO Reno8 5G, Vivo V23 5G, Realme Narzo 50 5G, or Redmi Note 11 Pro 5G, then you can be sure that you have this latest network.

It’s just that, several cellphone models did launch without embedding the 5G frill even though they already carried it. If so then you can try the following ways to check it.

How to find out if your cellphone is 5G or not

Check Settings

  • Open the app Settings on cellphone
  • Enter section SIM cards & mobile networks
  • Open the card settings used as mobile data if the cellphone has dual SIM
  • Tap the menu Preferred network type
  • Check whether there is a setting for 5G or not

Just like 4G, cellphones will generally also load 5G network usage preference settings if they already support it. So we can determine whether a mobile phone is equipped with this technology or not by checking the settings as above.

It’s just that each cellphone model does have a different interface and operating system. We may need to adjust some of the steps above so we can check the network settings on the related device.

Check the Packing Box

Apart from going through the settings menu, we can also find out whether a cellphone supports the 5G network or not through the packaging box. Usually there will be a special section containing brief device specifications.

In these brief specifications, we can generally check various kinds of information, including the type of network that is supported by the mobile phone in question. Although in this case the location can vary for each brand and model.

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