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How To Find Instagram Filters To Use On Videos

Gadgetren – In addition to the timeline for photos, now Instagram also prioritizes Stories and Reels so that they can be easily seen by users.

You could say Instagram is starting to realize that multimedia content such as videos is one of the things that many people are looking at nowadays.

Moreover, videos with a duration of 15 seconds to 90 seconds are considered an interesting choice in offering short informative content. Instagram has also presented a variety of filters that users can easily use to make videos more interesting.

Even some users can create their own filters in order to beautify the results of the videos taken for Story and Reels. Now for those of you who want to find filters on Instagram, then you can see the tutorial as follows.

How to Find Instagram Filters

  • Open the Instagram app and log in to the account
  • On page Home, Press the button Add berikon + at the top
  • Next, go to the page Story
  • Next to the button Record berikon circleyou will find filter from skin and kanan
  • Swipe from right to left until you find Browser Effect with a magnifying glass icon
  • Press the button Browser Effect
    Instagram - Find Filters - 1
  • On page Effect gallery, select the filter or effect you want to use
  • Press the button Try it
  • You will automatically return to the Story page
  • Press the button Record which already contains filters
  • Later the effect of the filter will be displayed when recording
    Instagram - Find Filters - 2

Meanwhile, if you want to save the filter on your Story page, you can press the button Download the down arrow icon that appears on the previous Preview page. That way you can easily reuse it without having to bother looking for it again.

Although the Browser Effect only appears on the Story page, filters can also be applied directly to Reels. You could say the filters presented on Instagram are varied and interesting so you can produce creative videos to share.

Actually you can create your own filters on Instagram with a special application made by Facebook, but it requires special steps. You need to take several steps from creation, simulation in the Instagram application, uploading the required data, until the filter is approved by Instagram.

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