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How to Exit Xiaomi HP Safe Mode to Return to Normal

Gadgetren – Safe Mode or Safe Mode can be a solution for some of the problems that arise on computing devices, for example to deal with malware attacks or problematic applications.

Safe Mode because it is one of them diagnostic mode which allows us to run the device with the minimum functionality in order to isolate various problems. When you activate it, later only the core components will be executed.

Interestingly, this diagnostic mode is also present in a variety of Android devices. This includes cellphones made by Xiaomi, both the Xiaomi, Redmi, POCO, and BlackShark series.

With the presence of this mode on various devices made by Xiaomi, we can also be a little calmer. We can use it to overcome a number of problems that arise, although not all of them.

When activating this mode, there are a number of features and support that unfortunately will not work. That’s why we need to get out soon so the device can return to normal. We can specifically use the following steps if using a cellphone made by Xiaomi.

How to Exit Safe Mode on Xiaomi Mobile

  • Press and hold the button Power
  • Release after the power settings menu appears
  • Tap an option Restart
  • Wait until the cellphone turns on again
  • Safe Mode should also disappear

Exiting Safe Mode is actually one of the easiest things ever. We only need to reload the device which specifically can be done with the steps above if the cellphone used is a device made by Xiaomi.

Safe Mode will usually be marked with a faint Safe Mode text located in the lower left corner of the screen. To determine whether we have successfully exited this mode or not, we can also see the marker.

If there is no Safe Mode writing marker, it means that the cellphone has successfully exited Safe Mode. We can then try various advanced features or third-party applications to ensure this.

However, if it turns out that the Safe Mode text still appears and we cannot access advanced features on Xiaomi cellphones, chances are the device is still in Safe Mode. We can repeat the steps above to exit.

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