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How to Exchange Fizzo Novel Coins so that they can be withdrawn to OVO and DANA

Gadgetren – The Fizzo Novel digital reading application offers users to become writers or read various fictional stories in it.

Those of you who have used this application, of course, also know that here you can earn extra money from writing and reading stories.

Apart from these two, money will be received using invitation codes, completing daily missions, and diligently logging in every day. However, you will receive money in the form of digital coins.

Fizzo Novel Coins are a digital currency that is provided as a reward. For its own value, 1 coin is worth IDR 0.1 or means that 100,000 coins are equivalent to IDR 10,000. Fizzo Novel coins will automatically be exchanged or converted in Rupiah.

When you open the Fizzo application, the number of coins that have been collected will usually be displayed, then the application system will exchange all the coins into Rupiah. So there is no need to bother counting how much money you have earned because you can see it right away.

In the Fizzo Novel app. You can see the number of coins and Rupiah at the same time through the Get Prizes menu on the Profile page. There you can also invite friends via social media to withdraw the money that has been collected to the OVO and DANA digital wallets.


Apart from that, you can see the missions that must be carried out in the future, such as reading one of the daily novels, playing games, and checking in every day. When you want to withdraw money, make sure you have completed the daily mission to read at least 5 minutes before the first withdrawal.

After that, don’t forget to do the next mission regularly if you want to get even more Fizzo Novel coins. If you want to earn money apart from coins, you can also register as a writer at Fizzo Novel by making a story as a start.

Of course the writer will get a different calculation compared to just being a reader. Authors can get bonuses to royalties depending on how far the writing has been done. So if you have work, maybe you can try uploading it to Fizzo Novel.

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