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How to Enter Tri Vouchers To Activate Packages Or Credit

Gadgetren – To make it easier to buy credit and packages in Indonesia, Tri has presented a variety of payment methods ranging from digital to physical.

For pulses and physical packages, you can use Tri vouchers which can be purchased at the nearest store, making it suitable for those of you who don’t like making digital payments, don’t have a digital wallet, or don’t have a bank account.

After getting a Tri voucher, you need to look for a silver or gray box on the back to rub it with a coin so you can get a code to top up your credit or the Tri package you’ve purchased.

How to Activate Tri Vouchers

Via UMB Code

  • Get it 16 digit code from vouchers
  • Next, open the app Phone or Phone cellphone
  • Enter the UMB code *111*[16 digit kode voucher]#
  • For example *111*17338777655589991020#
  • If the code entered is correct, the system will display a success notification

However, if you have installed the Bima+ application from Google Play Store or Apple App Storeyou can even more easily enter the 16-digit voucher code.

Moreover, the Bima+ application has a simple interface that presents short steps to make it easier for you to activate Tri vouchers.

Via the Bima+ Application

  • After rubbing the Tri voucher, then you can see 16 digit code
  • Open the app Bima+ on cellphone
  • On the main page, select menu Reload phone credit
  • On the page Refill, enter 16 digit kode voucher
  • Once filled properly, press the button Send Code
  • A notification will appear later Your application is being processed, please wait a moment and press the button OK
  • If successful, then automatically pulse balance or package quota added will appear on the main page of the application

It should also be noted that you must look at the expiration date of the physical voucher purchased because automatically the 16-digit code cannot be claimed if it has passed.

So don’t hesitate to make sure when the physical Tri voucher expires so that it can be replaced with a newer one if it’s past or too close. In addition, entering the wrong 16-digit code in the UMB code or the Bima+ application can also cause the claim process to fail, so always make sure to check again before pressing OK.

Lastly, network problems are often an obstacle when the code filling process is successful, so always make sure that Tri’s cellular network is safe and there are no interruptions.

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