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How to Enter the Indosat IM3 Voucher Code for Package Contents and Credit

Gadgetren – Even though now you can buy credit or data packages Indosat IM3 online through ATM transfers, the MyIM3 application, e-commerce, digital wallets, and others, but there are still those who rely on topping up via vouchers.

Maybe some of you feel that buying credit or packages via vouchers is still safer and easier than online.

However, it should be noted that buying credit or packages using a voucher will usually be slightly more expensive because it is in the form of a physical card, while online purchases often offer promos.

After purchasing the voucher, you can enter the 14 digits using the USSD code or through the MyIM3 application to activate it.

How to Enter IM3 Indosat Vouchers

Via USSD Code

  • Rub section kotak perak on the voucher with coins
  • Make sure 14 digit code see clearly
  • Then open the app Phone or Phone on cellphone
  • Type *556*[Kode Voucher]#
  • Press the button SIM 1 or SIM 2 depending on the location of the IM3 SIM card
  • Next, you get an SMS notification about the added voucher

To enter a 14 digit code, you just need to add it at the end of 556 separated by an * sign. For example, if the code appears 12443454665565then you can type *556*12443454665565#.

Apart from using the USSD code, you can use the MyIM3 application which can be downloaded from Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

Via the MyIM3 Application

  • Rub it kotak perak on the voucher until a 14-digit code appears
  • Open application MyIM3 on cellphone
  • Login account with IM3 number
  • On the main page, press the button Refillable plus sign icon next to the credit balance
  • Select the menu Use Voucher
  • Enter 14 digit code voucher
  • Or you can also choose a button Scan to scan the voucher code
  • If the code is filled in correctly, press the button Carry on
  • Follow the process to finish

It can be said that entering the voucher code through the MyIM3 application can be done more easily because the interface looks simple and the process has only a few steps.

But for those of you who are still using Feature Phones, then like it or not you have to use the USSD code so you can enter Vouchers to add credit or Indosat IM3 data packages.

Meanwhile, I myself advise you to buy credit or data packages online because you don’t have to bother with voucher codes anymore. Moreover, online purchases usually present a variety of tempting promos.

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