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How to Enter the Fizzo Novel Invitation Code to Get Rewards

Gadgetren – Fizzo Novel allows us to earn money as an additional income because in this application you can write and get royalties until you are paid just by reading novels and inviting friends.

The more story characters you create, the bigger the bonus you get. The same goes for inviting friends.

The prize that will be obtained will be in the form of Fizzo coins which can then be converted to Rupiah. So that you can collect coins in Fizzo, you can invite as many friends as you want to join this application.

The amount of coins you get when converted to Rupiah is quite good, up to IDR 40,000 per friend invited. Interestingly, not only you will get Fizzo coins, but also friends who are invited to share in an unspecified amount.

Even the bonus coins for users will increase if the invited friends also actively use Fizzo to read or write stories. Previously, the Gadgetren team itself had created a way to invite friends to the Fizzo application via various social media or communication channels.

Now it’s the turn to know how to enter the Fizzo invite code for users who receive invitations as referrals to register for the Fizzo application.

How to Enter Fizzo Novel Invitation Code

  • Get invites to join from friends.
  • Tap on the invite link to be taken directly to the Fizzo log in page.
  • Enter the invitation code sent by a friend in the column provided.
  • Create a Fizzo account with Gmail, Facebook, TikTok or Twitter.
  • Tap the Profile button in the lower right corner.
  • Tap the Earn Rewards button to receive Rewards from Fizzo.
  • Rewards will automatically enter in the form of coins.

After getting rewards from invitations, you must still complete Fizzo missions which can be seen on the Get Rewards page such as reading, checking in every day, playing games, and many more. Apart from reading novels every day, you can also continue to earn Fizzo coins of up to IDR 420,000 if you read for seven days.

You can then withdraw the money collected from Fizzo to the OVO or DANA digital wallet with a withdrawal amount that you can choose from IDR 500 to IDR 10,0000. Fizzo Novel also provides additional money of IDR 2,000 per invitation.

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