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How to enter recovery mode on a Xiaomi cellphone if there is a system problem

Gadgetren – Because it uses an Android-based operating system, we can take advantage of the support from recovery mode to overcome a number of problems that occur in cellphones made by Xiaomi.

Recovery mode is a file system that offers a recovery console. Thanks to its location, which is often on a separate partition, we can take advantage of it even if there are problems with the Android system itself.

There are several tools that can be used to repair the installation of the Android system in recovery mode. One of us can find support for doing a factory reset which is often recommended when trying to solve a number of cellphone problems.

Through the operating system interface called MIUI, Xiaomi phones even specifically provide support for entering safe mode or repair mode. It also includes a function for recovery via MiAssistant.

It’s just that entering recovery mode requires a different method for each model and brand of cellphone. You can follow these steps if you want to do it on a Xiaomi-made device.

How to Enter Recovery Mode on Xiaomi Phones

  1. If the phone is still on, press the button Power for a few seconds
  2. Select the menu Power off
  3. Tap Tap to power off to turn off the cellphone
  4. Make sure the cellphone is completely off
  5. Place finger over button Power and Volume Up
  6. Press and hold both at the same time
  7. Release both buttons if the phone vibrates or a logo appears
  8. The phone will go into recovery mode if successful
  9. Use recovery mode as needed

Keep in mind that the recovery mode on most Xiaomi devices does not support touch screen operation. We usually have to use the Volume buttons as navigation and Power to confirm the selection.

The appearance of the recovery mode interface on each model can also be different. On older devices, for example, we still need to change the language to English so that it can be used more easily.

Some old Xiaomi cellphone models even have different access methods, such as using a key combination Power and Volume Down. We can also try this method if the steps above do not succeed in opening recovery mode.

After finishing using recovery mode to fix problems on Xiaomi phones, we can exit by reloading the device.

How to Exit Recovery Mode

  1. Use Volume keys to navigate to Reboot
  2. Press the Power button to select it
  3. Make sure Reboot to System selected
  4. Press the Power button again
  5. Wait for the boot process to finish

The cellphone will enter the main system automatically when the boot process is complete. But after that, don’t forget to make sure whether the cellphone problem has been resolved or not.

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