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How to Enter AXIS AIGO Voucher to Activate Quota and Packages

Gadgetren – To provide flexibility in purchasing internet packages, AXIS offers various top-up methods, including AIGO products as one of them.

At first glance, for those of you who don’t know, AIGO itself is an abbreviation of AXIS Internet On The Go. This product allows us to top up our internet packages using physical vouchers that can be purchased at a credit seller’s shop.

With packages that are marketed in the form of physical vouchers, we can refill more freely. We can buy, store, then use it anytime as long as it is still active.

Saving internet packages in the form of vouchers can certainly make us a little calmer. This is because it usually has a longer active period than internet quota which is generally only up to 30 days.

Using AIGO vouchers, moreover, is also very easy. In this case, we can do this through the UMB code or the AXISnet application which is already available for Android and iOS.

How to Enter AXIS AIGO Voucher


  • Rub the hologram of the voucher until 16 HRN codes are visible
  • Open the dialpad (phone application) on the cellphone
  • Type UMB code *838*16_kode_HRN#
  • End by pressing the button Call
  • The message “Your request is being processed. Thank you” will appear if the request is successfully sent
  • Wait for the internet package notification to be activated successfully

Most importantly, don’t forget to change parts 16_kode_HRN with kode HRN shown on the voucher. For example we can change the UMB code to *838*1234567812345678# if the digit that appears is 1234567812345678.

Via AXISnet

  • Unlock 16 digit HRN code
  • Open the AXISnet APP
  • Login using the AXIS number you use
  • On the home page, tap menu Contents of AIGO
  • Tap the button Scan AIGO then point the camera at the HRN code barcode
  • Or enter the HRN code manually into the fields provided
  • Click button Carry on if needed
  • Press the button Confirmation to continue activating the data plan

If you don’t have the AXISnet application, you can download it via Google Play Store for Android as well Apple Apps Store for iOS according to the operating system installed on the cellphone.

If the AIGO voucher fails to use, then there are several things to note. This includes checking the HRN code again if you type it manually, seeing the validity period, and refreshing the network.

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