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How to Enter an AXIS Voucher with the 16 Number Code Listed

Gadgetren – Even though it is already possible to purchase credit or data packages for various digital channels, some users AXIS there are still those who still buy vouchers.

Vouchers are often felt to be safer than other filling methods and also often provide quotas that are not found on digital channels.

To be able to get the 16-digit code on the voucher, you have to rub the printed holographic layer using a coin or the like so that all the numbers are seen as a whole.

After all 16 digits of the blocked code have been seen, all you have to do is register it with the AXIS service using the channel provided so that the quota and packages contained in it can be activated.

How to Enter AXIS Vouchers

Via Phone

  • Open the app Phone.
  • Type *123*[16 digit kode voucher]#.
  • For example *123*1245434545637743#.
  • Press the button SIM 1 or SIM 2depending on the location of the AXIS SIM card.
  • Later there will be an SMS stating that the voucher is active.

Code of course *123* on the front is a sign that you will enter the AXIS voucher code in general. However, AIGO (AXIS Internet On The Go) vouchers have a different code prefix.

The overall steps are somewhat the same, it’s just that you have to start *838* if you want to activate the AXIS AIGO voucher. So don’t get confused using the code and make sure what voucher you have.

However, if using the code to enter an AXIS AIGO voucher doesn’t work, you can try the AXISNet application which can be downloaded from Google Play Store or Apple App Store according to the device used.

Through the AXISNet Application

  • Open the app AXISNet on the device.
  • Account login with the Axis number.
  • On the main page, select menu Fill AIGO.
  • Enter 16 digit code what’s on the voucher.
  • Press the button Carry on.
  • On the page ConfirmationPress the button Activate.

It can be said that filling in AXIS vouchers can be easily done through the AXISNet application because the menu that is presented is clearly stated. But if you are lazy to install the application, then choose the method via the Phone application because it is also fairly practical.

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