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How to Enable NFC on a Samsung HP for Practical

Gadgetren – The Near Field Communication feature or more familiarly called NFC is indeed one of the supports that we shouldn’t miss from various middle to upper class mobile phones nowadays.

With this feature, we can do a number of things more easily. This includes making digital payments, checking e-money card balances, and connecting additional accessories.

NFC itself is short range wireless communication protocol. We in this case can only use it to connect two devices with a gap not exceeding 4cm. So you could say it’s quite safe to transact or exchange data.

Nowadays, we can also find this feature on various kinds of cellphones made by Samsung. We can find it especially in devices that are marketed to target the middle to upper class.

On cellphones made by Samsung, NFC is also very easy to use. As for those of you who haven’t been able to activate the close-range communication feature, you can listen to it in the following explanation.

How to Enable Samsung NFC

Via Settings

  • Enter page Settings
  • Select settings Connections
  • Tap the menu NFC and contactless payments
  • Turn on the settings button on the page that opens
  • Tap an option Contactless payments if you want to set the payment service you want to use

Keep in mind that every model of cellphone made by Samsung certainly has a different version of the system interface. Some devices may therefore use different naming or placement settings.

Apart from going through the settings page, we also activate NFC more quickly through Quick Settings. It’s just that we may need to add the icon first if it’s not already available by default.

Lewat Quick Settings

  • Drag the status bar down to open Quick Settings
  • Tap More options (three dot icon)
  • Select Edit Button or Button order
  • Find ikon NFC (an N-shaped icon)
  • Drag the NFC icon onto the active section
  • Adjust the location settings
  • Tap the button Done
  • If it appears in Quick Settingswe just have to tap it to activate or deactivate it

After activating NFC either through settings or Quick Settings, we can immediately use the feature as needed. We generally only need to open the required application then bring the back of the cellphone closer to another NFC device.

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