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How to Enable Double-Tap on Samsung’s Screen to Make It More Practical to Check Notifications

IPTech – The double-tap gesture can be a more practical and safe alternative for turning off or on the screen on various models of cellphones made by Samsung.

System interface One UI or maybe Samsung Experience which was developed earlier because it already offers this gesture by default. We can also activate it without installing applications from other parties.

Gesture double tap to turn on or off the screen can certainly be quite useful. This feature, for example, allows us to quickly check notifications when the device is placed on a table or floor without the need to change its position.

Moreover, this feature is also safer to use. Instead of pressing a button Power repeatedly which tends to risk wearing out or damaging components faster, the double-tap gesture can be used without worry.

To use the double tap to turn on or off screen feature on Samsung phones, we just need to activate the setting sometimes. Here’s how to activate Samsung’s double-tap the screen for those of you who want to do it.

How to Enable Samsung Double Tap Screen

  • Page access Settings.
  • Find and open a section Advanced features.
  • Enter the menu Motions and gestures.
  • Enable option Double tap to turn on screen and Double tap to turn off screen.

The double-tap screen setting will generally be basically active. But if not, we can also activate it via the Motions and gestures settings menu on devices that support it.

Double tap to turn on screen is a double tap to turn on screen setting and Double tap to turn off screen to turn off. We can also turn off one or both of these options at once if we feel they are not suitable.

No less interesting, the system interface made by Samsung is also equipped with Lift to wake support to complete the double-tap gesture. We can activate it if we want the screen to light up immediately when we pick up the phone without tapping anything.

Just like the double-tap screen gesture, this support can also be activated via the Motions and gestures settings menu on various Samsung devices. We in this case only need to activate the button next to the option Lift to wake.

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