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How to Enable Developer Options on OPPO Smartphones

Gadgetren – Almost the same as other Android phones, OPPO devices that use ColorOS are also equipped with a feature called Developer options.

For those of you who don’t know it, Developer Options is intentionally hidden so that not just anyone can open it.

This is because in the Developer Options there are various advanced features and menus related to the Android mobile system. Developer Options as the name implies are more intended for application developers to test and ensure their features run as they should.

However, anyone can access it with a note not to change settings that you don’t know about to avoid unwanted problems. Those of you who want to activate Developer Options on OPPO phones can follow these steps.

How to Enable Developer Options on OPPO phones

  • Open the app Settings on OPPO phone
  • Select the menu About device
  • Choose an option Version
  • Then press 7 kali in the Build number
  • Later a notification will appear You are now in Developer mode!
    OPPO - Developer Options - 1
  • Back to main page Settings
  • Select the menu System settings or Additional settings depending on the version of ColorOS
  • Enter the menu Developer options
  • You will see a menu that is usually not found
    OPPO - Developer Options - 2

On the Developer Options page there are various features that you can use to develop applications or simply test the capabilities of the system owned by OPPO mobile phones.

For example, by activating the Show refresh rate feature, the system will display the refresh rate number at the top left of the screen. When the OPPO cellphone is locked to a 90Hz refresh rate, the number 90 will automatically appear on the screen.

In the Background process limit feature, you can also limit applications running in the background of your OPPO smartphone as needed to four at a time, none of which are running in the background, or the limit is adjusted to the standard.

While in the Select USB Configuration feature, you can set by default the commands to be performed on the OPPO mobile phone system when connected to a laptop or PC via a cable such as Charging, MTP (Media Transfer Protocol), PTP (Picture Transfer Protocol), RNDIS (USB Ethernet). ), or MIDI.

With many features available, you have to be careful in changing the existing settings because if it’s wrong it will actually cause the OPPO cellphone to become an error.

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