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How to Enable Developer Options on a Samsung Phone to Make It More Up-to-date

Gadgetren – To get more advanced capabilities from an Android-based cellphone, we sometimes need to activate the developer options first.

For those of you who don’t know, development options is a special set of tools designed by Google to allow developers to configure system behavior or create custom profiles to test application performance.

In it there are a series of settings ranging from debugging modes that can be used to test and solve problems from lines of application code, data connection settings, a feature to change color gamut, to a menu for managing image rendering capabilities.

Even though it is specially designed for developers, this special set of settings can also be used by ordinary people who like to repair cellphones. For example, to remove default applications, install custom ROMs, to rooting.

The good news is, this development option is also present in various kinds of cellphones made by Samsung, from beginner to upper class though. How to activate it is very easy because we only need to follow the following steps.

How to Enable Developer Options on Samsung Phones

  • Go to page Settings
  • Search the menu About phone (usually at the very bottom)
  • Tap the menu
  • Tap Software information
  • Find information Build number
  • Tap up to seven times the description

After tapping the Build number option repeatedly, a counter will actually appear where it will mark the number of taps required to become a developer. So actually we don’t need to calculate it ourselves.

Even if it is successful, a notification will appear in the form of a toast indicating that developer mode has been enabled (developer mode has been enabled). We just need to tap on Build number until this feedback is visible.

After the notification appears, we can also open various developer options settings through the Developer options menu that appears on the main settings page. Usually located at the very bottom.

Keep in mind that fiddling with developer options can improve your phone’s capabilities, but sometimes it can do the opposite if it’s wrong. Therefore, make sure to always be careful and understand the function of each feature.

If you don’t know, it would be nice to leave the various settings in developer options to those who are more skilled. We who are still laymen better watch and study it carefully first.

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