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How to Enable Dark Mode on Google Chrome to Comfortably Enjoy Content in a Dark Room

Gadgetren – Google Chrome by default has been present on Android-based mobile phones so you can say that many users access various sites through the browser.

Not only that, Google Chrome has also become the browser of choice for some computer and Mac users thanks to its simple interface and easy navigation to access various data on the internet.

Sometimes when browsing at night, the appearance of the site which is dominated by white makes the light quite piercing to the eye. For this reason, you can activate the Dark Mode feature in Google Chrome so that you can view content comfortably in dim or dark conditions.

However, it should be noted that Dark Mode for the display of Chrome applications and site content will have different activation methods, but some sites can also be set according to the system display.

How to Enable Dark Mode on Google Chrome

For Content and Site

  • Google Chrome noise
  • Type chrome://flags on column Address Bar
  • On page Flags Chrome, type Dark on column Search
  • Select the menu Enable in section Auto Dark Mode for Web Contents in category Experiments
  • On the notification that appears, press the button Relaunch
  • After Google Chrome reloaded, then automatically all content from site will have background dark

Chrome - Dark Mode - Mobile Computer

After the Dark Mode feature is active, you can automatically enjoy all website content that appears on Google Chrome with a black background so that it makes your eyes feel comfortable when you are in a dark place.

However, to make the Google Chrome application theme itself into Dark Mode, you have to do a different process between your cellphone and computer.

Dark Theme on Phone

  • Open Google Chrome on your phone
  • Select the menu Options berikon three dots at the top right
  • In the pop-up menu that appears, select an option Settings gear icon
  • Then enter the menu Theme
  • Select Dark
  • Appearance Google Chrome will also change to dark

Chrome - Dark Theme - Handphone

Dark Theme on Computer

It appears that you have to enable Dark Mode differently for the display section of Google Chrome and the site display that appears. After both are active, then you can fully enjoy Dark Mode.

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