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How to Eliminate Xiaomi Keyboard Vibration If You Feel Disturbed

Gadgetren – Basically, we can eliminate feedback in the form of vibrations on the keyboard if we feel disturbed when typing using cellphones made by Xiaomi regardless of the model.

Vibration on the keyboard can indeed be one feature that is very useful for some people. With this support, for example, we can know whether the letter keys have been touched properly or not.

It’s just that on the other hand, sometimes the opposite can also happen. Not a few of us actually look for ways to get rid of it because the vibrations that appear continuously feel quite disturbing.

Not to mention, the vibration feature which generally utilizes the driving motor also has a fairly high power consumption. So the cellphone battery can drain quickly if we use the cellphone to make articles, reports, or other types of writing.

On phones made by Xiaomi, fortunately there are settings that can be used to activate or deactivate the vibration feature on the keyboard as needed. We can also find it easily as follows.

How to Eliminate Keyboard Vibration on Xiaomi Phones

  • Go to page Settings
  • Open section Additional settings
  • Tap the menu Languages & input
  • Search section Input Methods
  • Click Manage keyboards
    How to Remove Xiaomi Keyboard Vibration - 1
  • Tap on Gboard
  • Select the menu Preferences
  • Dear submenu Key press
  • Turn off option Haptic feedback on keypress
    How to Get Rid of Xiaomi Keyboard Vibration - 2

Basically, Gboard or Google Keyboard will be the default keyboard of the MIUI system interface. It’s just that it does not rule out that we will also find other applications.

The above method applies specifically if we are using Gboard. If it turns out to have replaced it with another keyboard, of course, we need to adjust some of the steps a little because the appearance of each application’s settings is different.

For example if we use Microsoft SwiftKey, we will not find the Preferences menu. The menu to eliminate keyboard vibration can later be found directly in the section Sound & vibration.

Besides being able to set the vibration, those of us who are annoyed by the sound of the keyboard tapping can also turn it off on the same page. We in this case just need to disable the option Sound on keypress for Gboard or Keypress sound volume for SwiftKey.

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