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How to Eliminate Viruses on Samsung HP so that they are removed from the system

Gadgetren – The Samsung company promises very good data protection and privacy to users through a variety of features that are installed fundamentally in its line of devices.

One of them uses a platform called Samsung Knox. It contains a number of protection mechanisms that will protect device data from malware or virus attacks, starting at the hardware, kernel, and system level.

To make protection even stronger, the technology company is also working with McAfee. Almost all Samsung output devices launch with the default antivirus installed since we asked for it.

With this layered protection, it will be difficult for malware or viruses to exploit devices made by Samsung. It’s just that sometimes it can still appear because of our own negligence.

Therefore, it is only natural that we need to learn about how to remove viruses or malware from the Samsung devices we use. Moreover, the steps are very easy to follow.

How to get rid of viruses on a Samsung cellphone

Remove Applications Through Safe Mode

  • Press the button Power or Power + Volume Down until the power off menu appears.
  • Press options Power off until the Safe Mode menu appears.
  • Tap the menu Safe Mode that appears on your Samsung device.
  • The system will enter Safe Mode to remove the virus.
  • Safe Mode is also marked with an inscription in the lower left corner of the screen.
  • Then open the page Settings.
  • Enter section Apps.
  • Check the list of installed apps.
  • Look for suspicious apps.
  • Tap on the app.
  • Select the button Uninstall.
  • Confirm by tapping OK.
  • Close the Settings page.
  • Press the button a few seconds Power or Power + Volume Down.
  • Select Restart to exit Safe Mode.

Apart from deleting suspicious applications, clearing the cache from the browser, be it Google Chrome or Samsung Internet Browser, can also be a wise choice when we feel that our cellphone has a virus.

Clear Cache of Used Browser Applications

  • Enter page Settings.
  • Open the menu Apps.
  • Find and select Google Chrome, Samsung Internet Browser, or the browser you are using.
  • Click Storage.
  • Select an option Clear Cache.

As we know, cache is very useful for speeding up the loading of web pages or applications. It’s just that it doesn’t rule out the data that is stored can also contain malicious program code.

If you still feel that the malware or virus on your Samsung device hasn’t disappeared, then unfortunately there are no other steps other than doing a factory reset. Most of the problems including malicious software attacks can be solved by this.

Factory Reset Your Samsung Device

  • Visit Settings.
  • Open the menu General management.
  • Click Reset.
  • Select Factory data reset.
  • Tap the button Reset.
  • Confirm by tapping Delete all.

Keep in mind that doing a factory reset will erase all previous data, applications, and settings. If you still have something important, don’t forget to back it up first so you can restore it.

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