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How to Eliminate Safe Mode for OPPO HP to Return to Normal

Gadgetren – On OPPO smartphones with the Android operating system there is a Safe Mode feature or Safe Mode which is usually used to fix or remove problematic applications.

Even through Safe Mode, we can test several features of OPPO devices that are not running under normal conditions.

Usually only system apps will be active when entering Safe Mode so other apps downloaded from Google Play Store will have a gray icon which cannot be accessed.

However, Safe Mode can be entered accidentally by the user due to the Volume Down button being pressed during the boot process. Of course, activities will be disrupted because you cannot run applications or features as usual. But you don’t need to worry because it’s quite easy to return it back.

How to get rid of OPPO HP Safe Mode

Restart Device

  • Make sure the OPPO device is unlocked.
  • Press and hold the button for a while Power.
  • A menu will appear later Restart and Power Off.
  • Slide button to Restart to remove Safe mode.
  • If successful, the Safe Mode text will no longer appear on the screen.

It should be noted that on some of today’s OPPO devices, you have to use a key combination Power + Volume Atas to be able to bring up the menu Restart and Power Off.

If the Safe Mode text still appears even after restarting, then most likely the ColorOS system on your OPPO device is having problems. The last step that can be taken is just to do a Factory Reset so that the device returns to its initial state.

Of course you need to back up important data first because the Factory Reset process will completely erase all data in storage.

Restore with Factory Reset

  • App access Settings on OPPO devices.
  • Type in keywords Reset on column Search at the top.
  • Select an option Erase all data.
  • On the page Reset phone, select the option again Erase all data.
  • Enter PIN, Password, or Pattern used.
  • On the pop-up menu, press Erase data.
  • Next, press again Erase data when you are sure.
  • Wait for the Reset process to run.

Entering OPPO devices into Safe Mode can be caused by many things including component damage. For example, the Volume Down button has a problem, it can cause the device to always enter Safe Mode every time it is turned on.

So that the device really returns to normal, you can immediately visit the nearest official OPPO Service Center to be assisted by certified and experienced staff to fix existing problems.

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