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How to Eliminate Default Applications on OPPO HP that are difficult to remove

Gadgetren – On today’s Android operating system phones, including the OPPO brand, users can no longer find the button to delete the default application.

This is done to maintain the stability of the operating system because usually if part of the system is deleted, it will sometimes cause errors, freezes, and others.

Although there are third-party applications that say they can delete system applications, in fact they will only delete the latest updates to the application so that it returns to its original state.

That way the application is not deleted but only returns to the initial settings as when the phone was turned on for the first time. Later after that, the system will ask for an update to the default application.

Actually, by default you are not allowed to delete the default application, but you can outsmart it by disabling or disabling the application so that it is not visible on the Home Screen.

If your goal is to eliminate system applications on OPPO phones because they include annoying bloatware, then it’s enough to remove them so they can’t be accessed by disabling them through the Settings menu.

How to Remove Default Apps on OPPO Phones

  1. Open the app Settings on OPPO phone
  2. On page Settings, select menu Apps
  3. Next, select menu App management
  4. On page App managementselect app to be disabled
  5. On page App info, select option Disable
  6. On the warning pop-up menu that appears, press the button Disable app
  7. After the application is successfully deactivated, then will not be seen again on the Home Screen and App Drawer pages

In my opinion, you should just disable the default application because if it is needed at any time later, it can be used again.

We all know that sometimes there are default applications on OPPO phones that are difficult or cannot be found on the Google Play Store or OPPO App Market. For that you should not delete the application.

Sometimes the default application is also presented by OPPO mobile phones to fulfill the TKDN (Domestic Content Level) so that the value exceeds 30% so that it can be released and sold in Indonesia.

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