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How to Edit TikTok Video Captions If There Are Errors

Gadgetren – Maybe you are using the short video platform TikTok to entertain yourself or participate in creating video content according to trends.

But when making a TikTok video that has already been posted, you often want to re-edit the caption that was already made on the video.

To change the caption of an uploaded video, unfortunately TikTok has not been given a special feature. Thus, many are confused whether there is another way to edit captions that can be done.

Actually, there are several ways you can try to edit TikTok video captions. You can re-upload the same video and edit it from scratch or you can do it while it’s still in draft form.

So that you can easily do it yourself, the Gadgetren team will provide steps on how to edit the caption of a TikTok video that has been posted.

Cara Edit Caption Video TikTok

Besides being able to edit the caption by re-uploading the TikTok video, you can also do it while it’s still saved in the form of a video draft.

So that the caption is not wrong or lacking, you have to pause the upload so that you can save the video in draft form to make sure whether everything is appropriate or not.

Now when you have found the right and correct caption, then you can immediately write a caption in the saved draft of the video. With a caption that you believe in, then in the future it will not be possible to re-edit the caption.

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