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How to Edit Slow Motion Video in CapCut to Slow Down the Speed

Gadgetren – Editing videos is now easy with the presence of various applications that can be downloaded on mobile phones via both Android and iOS devices.

One of the quite popular video applications used by TikTok users is CapCut which is also made by the same company called Byte Dance.

The CapCut application itself provides a variety of video editing features and tools with formats that can fit into all social media. Editing videos to produce slow motion effects is often used by many people to provide more interesting variations.

The effect of slowing down in video editing is known as Slow Motion. However, in the CapCut application, the Slow Motion feature is not clearly provided so you might have trouble finding where the feature can be found.

There are several steps that can be used to slow down the video to produce a Slow Motion video effect. One of them is by setting the speed of the video to be slower. You can follow the detailed steps through the steps below.

How to Edit Slow Motion in CapCut

In the Speed ​​feature section, you can also make videos faster by swiping to the right according to the desired settings. Even if it still doesn’t fit, you can re-edit it with a different video. To speed up the video, you can also add other videos.

After all the video speeds are set, don’t forget to play back the video so that the results can be satisfying and as you wish. Then you can convert and save it to your mobile gallery or share it to TikTok, Instagram Reels, and other social media.

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