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How to Easily Change Video Backgrounds in CapCut

Gadgetren – The CapCut application offers convenience so that we can edit videos only with a mobile phone.

Editable video formats are also complete with various available features such as cutting videos, adding audio, effects, filters, adding songs, and removing video backgrounds.

With application CapCutyou can beautify the video that you want to publish on various platforms such as social media Instagram, short videos on TikTok, YouTube Short, to videos of long duration on YouTube.

One of the video editing techniques that many people use is to make videos unrealistic or manipulate images by removing the video background.

We can make this deleted video background for videos that show something that would be impossible to record live. The goal itself is for entertainment and others such as wanting to be somewhere very far away and hard to reach.

For example on top of Mount Everest which is located between Tibet and Nepal. We can seem to be there by editing photos or videos. For videos, we can look for two different videos where one might be a video of us standing or walking and another video showing the peak of Mount Everest.

Now by removing the background from the video we are standing in and adding a second video as a new background it will make us feel like we are on top of Mount Everest. For you to know how to change the video background in CapCut, you can follow the steps below.

How to Change Video Background in CapCut

Apart from being able to change the background of the original video with another video, removing the background allows you to also make green screen videos so that the videos are even more creative, like making two of the same people in one video.

With a green screen, you can create content that is not possible to be something that is pleasing to the audience and can even attract their attention. You can also explore other videos to change the background with other interesting videos. Not only videos, photos you can also change the background with other photos.

To make a video by changing the background, you also need to remember that you have to use your own video and not someone else’s because it might be subject to copyright if that person objects to having the video taken. Therefore it’s good we have to ask permission first so as not to cause disputes.

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