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How to duplicate WA WhatsApp on a Samsung cellphone without additional applications

Gadgetren – Using two or even more WhatsApp numbers has become commonplace nowadays. It’s easier for us to separate personal needs from other interests.

What’s more, duplicating the WhatsApp application is no longer a difficult matter. Almost all smartphone manufacturers equip their devices with a system interface that has features to do this.

We therefore don’t have to bother carrying two cellphones everywhere so we can use two different WhatsApp numbers. We can now directly install both on the same device.

The system interface made by Samsung, both One UI and Samsung Experience, has also adopted similar support. That’s why we can very easily duplicate the WhatsApp application on various models of their devices.

To duplicate WhatsApp on a device made by Samsung, we only need to take advantage of a feature called Dual Messenger. We can immediately activate the settings on the settings page.

How to Duplicate WhatsApp on Samsung HP

  • Go to page Settings on your Samsung device.
  • Enter section Advanced features.
  • Search and select Dual Messenger for the doubling feature.
  • Turn on the switch next to the app WhatsApp.
  • Tap Install.
  • Press Confirm if the Disclaimer window appears.

If successful, two WhatsApp icons will appear in the application list. The original version remains unchanged while the copy will be marked with the small Dual Messenger label (image of a double circle on an orange background).

Tap the icon labeled Dual Messenger if you want to start using it. Login and do the initial settings like when you first used WhatsApp. The second application can later be used and functions like normal WhatsApp.

Those of us who still use the default launcher can shorten the steps above. We can also duplicate WhatsApp by pressing the application icon for a few seconds then selecting an option Install second app.

Interestingly enough, the Dual Messenger feature on Samsung phones also supports creating separate contacts. So we can really separate between personal, work, or other interests.

How to Split Samsung Dual Messenger Contacts

  • Reopen the settings page Dual Messenger.
  • Tap an option Use separate contacts list.
  • Enable the option.
  • Click button Select contacts.
  • Click button Add.
  • Select all the contacts that you want to use on the second WhatsApp.
  • Tap the button Done.

Apart from taking advantage of the built-in features, we can duplicate WhatsApp using third-party services such as applications in general. It’s just that our data can certainly be safer if we use the default support from Samsung devices.

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