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How to Duplicate Apps on Xiaomi So You Can Use Two Accounts at Once

Gadgetren – Doubling applications on mobile phones made by Xiaomi is very easy. The MIUI system interface because it has special features that can be used to do this.

For some of us, having two or more accounts has become a necessity. The reasons can vary from separating personal data from business to wanting to hide one’s identity.

Aware of this, various mobile phone companies have also developed features to duplicate applications through their system interfaces. Likewise Xiaomi through MIUI which is their mainstay.

Called Dual Apps, we can use this feature to make copies of various applications ranging from social media to games. So we no longer need to install third party services to do it.

The Dual Apps feature can be found directly on the settings page. Here’s how to use it to duplicate applications installed on Xiaomi phones if you can’t.

How to Duplicate Apps on Xiaomi Phones

  • Visit page Settings
  • Go to section Apps
  • Select the menu Dual apps
  • Activate button next to app that want to double
  • If a confirmation window appears using Dual Apps for Google services, click Turn on
    How to Duplicate Apps on Xiaomi

A little note, some apps like WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook require quite different settings than most services. We need to tap on what we want to duplicate first before activating the button.

Once enabled, close the settings page and then open the application list. Usually a new icon will appear from the service that has been copied using the Dual Apps feature. It looks similar to a special marker as a differentiator.

To use it, we only need to tap on the icon like opening an application normally. Then later we can directly log in with a different account from what has been used on the main service.

Some of the above steps apply to the new MIUI interface. If you use a very old version, you may need to adjust some of the steps because the appearance and naming are slightly different.

Not to mention if the Xiaomi cellphone that you own does not yet have Dual Apps support. We will also need to use third-party services such as Parallel Space – Multi Accounts to duplicate applications.

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