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How to Download YouTube Clips So You Can Share As Videos

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Gadgetren – The YouTube application is indeed equipped with support that can be used to share clips or snippets of video content to various social media services.

However, this support is designed to be quite limited where the results can only be shared in the form of a link and you can’t just download it right away. Video clips can even only be played within the YouTube service.

Unlike the usual YouTube content, clips can’t even be downloaded with some third-party services such as or ssyoutube which is my mainstay for saving videos online.

To download videos as clips from YouTube, we have to use other methods. One of them takes advantage of online video cutting services that are now widely circulating on the internet.

Of the several services that offer features to cut YouTube videos, SaveTube is the one that I have used successfully. Here’s how to use it to download videos as clips from YouTube.

How to Download Videos Into Clips from YouTube

  • Open the app or YouTube page
  • Find and play the video you want to download as a clip
  • Tap the button Share below video
  • Select Copy Link to copy link
    How to Download YouTube Clips - 1
  • Go to page with browser
  • Tap Menu (hamburger icon) in the top right corner
  • Click the menu YouTube Tools
  • Choose an option YouTube video trimmer
    How to Download YouTube Clips - 2
  • After the YouTube Video Cutter Online page opens, paste the link into the field Enter video link
  • Click button Download
  • Scroll down
  • Set the duration and part of the video you want to make a clip
  • Select the video quality in the section Choose Video Clip Quality
  • Tap the button Cut and Download
    How to Download YouTube Clips - 3
  • Follow the instructions according to the browser you are using

To set the duration or part of the video that you want to cut, we can move the slider or enter the time manually in the Start and End columns. As for the quality, we can choose from 340p, 480p, 720p (HD), to 1080p (FHD) at 30fps.

If successful, the downloaded YouTube content will be immediately truncated according to the previous duration setting. We can then share the result as a short video directly to various services.

Apart from the online YouTube cutter, SaveTube also has several other features that are just as useful. Among them we can use it to convert videos into MP3s or download content from social media services such as Facebook, TikTok, to Instagram.

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