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How to Download Yourself and Other People’s Instagram Profile Photos

Gadgetren – Profile photo Instagram what has been uploaded is often not stored in the cellphone gallery so it is difficult for us to have a copy so that it can be used on other social media.

Therefore, many are looking for ways to download our own Instagram profile photos or even other people’s.

Other people’s Instagram profile photos are usually searched for personal purposes, for example, you have a crush whose account is private and you are not friends with him yet.

But unfortunately, Instagram does not yet provide a special feature that allows us to download our own or other people’s profile photos. Therefore we have to use third-party applications to do it.

However, you must remember not to abuse other people’s Instagram photos for bad purposes because it will violate existing rules. If the owner of the profile photo feels uncomfortable, then you can be reported either to Instagram or to the authorities.

How to Download Instagram Profile Photo

  • Open the Google browser on your mobile.
  • Type in the address column.
  • Enter the username you want to download the profile picture for.
  • Tap the Search Profile Now button!
  • Wait for a while.
  • The Instagram user’s profile photo appears.
  • Tap the Downloads button.

Those are the steps for downloading Instagram profile photos for both your own and other people’s accounts because you just need to enter your account name. Apart from, you can also download Instagram profile photos on other Instagram Downloader services that you can search for on your cellphone or computer browser page.

One of them that you can try includes,,, igdownloader, and many more. Downloading photos on this third-party downloader service produces HD quality so you don’t need to worry if the image is not very clear due to the small resolution.

Of course, apart from your profile photo, you can also download other photos from an Instagram account and then save them to your mobile gallery. It’s just that the services used are different, but overall the steps won’t be much different.

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