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How To Download Sound From TikTok Videos To Save On Mobile

Gadgetren – TikTok’s short video service is now a place for content creators to be creative according to their respective interests.

In the TikTok application they can make a variety of interesting videos to save songs or sounds on the video.

To save other people’s TikTok videos, of course, the feature is already available by default. You can even rely on third-party services to do this.

So what if you want to save the sounds or songs you find on TikTok? Unfortunately, TikTok itself does not provide a feature to specifically save sounds directly from the application.

But you can use the help of a third party to be able to download the sound or song from the desired TikTok video to be stored on your cellphone or just to be listened to again. In addition, you can also use it for background sound in new videos that you create for other applications such as Instagram, YouTube Short, and others.

You can save the saved sound from TikTok videos later in MP3 format so that it can be used more flexibly such as for video editing. For more details on how to download sounds from TikTok, see below.

How to Download Sounds on TikTok

  • Sign in to your TikTok account on your mobile.
  • Select a short video from the For You page or via the search feature.
  • Tap the Share button with right arrow icon on the selected video. How-To-Download-Sound-on-TikTok-1
  • Tap the button Copy Link in the feature bar at the bottom of the screen.How-To-Download-Sound-on-TikTok-2
  • Then switch to the browser app
  • Visit site
  • Paste the link in the green column.
  • Then tap the button Download on the right.
  • Wait a moment until the storage format option appears.
  • Choose a format MP3.How-To-Download-Sound-on-TikTok-4
  • Next tap Download MP3.
  • The sound has been saved.

Apart from using the site, you can also use other sites to download sound in MP3 format on TikTok videos such as and TTSave. Not only sound can be saved but also video in MP4 format and photos in JPG, PNG, and WEBP format.

All types of saved files will be automatically entered into your cellphone. You just search through the gallery for photos and videos, the music player for sound, or through the file folders on the direct device.

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