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How to Download Facebook Lite Videos So You Can Watch Repeatedly

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Gadgetren – To save data usage and make operations run more smoothly, we can access Facebook services by using its Lite version of the application.

Unlike the regular version, usage Facebook Lite because it requires less resources. This application is even claimed to be able to run very smoothly on cellphones with less than 2GB of RAM or slow internet connections.

Moreover, Facebook Lite is also equipped with a number of data-saving features that are not available in the regular version. One of these applications has support for downloading videos from their service.

With this support, we can watch Facebook videos repeatedly with less data usage. So we can save our internet quota and use it for other needs.

The feature called Download video on Facebook Lite can be used very easily. Those of you who don’t know how to use it can listen to it in the following steps.

How to Download Videos on Facebook Lite

  • Open the Facebook Lite app
  • Login with your Facebook account if needed
  • Find and open the video you want to save
  • Tap More options (three dot icon) in the top-right corner of the video
  • Select the menu Download video on Facebook Lite
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The length of time it takes to download videos can vary for each person depending on their internet connection. When finished, we can watch it in the following way.

How To Watch Videos From Facebook Lite

  • Run the application if it was previously closed
  • Enter the tab Video (play button icon on monitor)
  • Tap the button Download Videos (down arrow icon)
  • Tap on the video that has been successfully downloaded
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Downloading videos using the Facebook Lite feature is unfortunately limited. The results can indeed be watched repeatedly but only using the application.

To save it to a mobile gallery like YouTube, we need a third party service or application. One of them can be done by following the steps below.

Download with Third Party Services

  • Open the desired video in the Facebook Lite app
  • Tap the menu More options (three dot icon) in the top-right corner of the video
  • Select the menu Copy Link to copy the video URL
  • Go to page via browser
  • Paste URL’s column Enter Facebook Video
  • Tap the button Download
  • Wait for the service to load the video
  • Tap the button Download Video in Normal Quality to download with standard image quality
  • Tap the button Download Video in HD Quality to download with HD image quality
  • Tap More Options for other qualities
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It’s important to remember that is only one of the services that can be used to download videos from Facebook. Apart from that, we can also use platforms like or application Downloader For Facebook by Inshot.

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