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How to display the name on the OPPO cellphone lock screen to make it clear the owner

Gadgetren – On mobile OPPO Previously, you can display the name on the Lock Screen section.

Usually with the name on the Lock Screen, the user can indicate who the owner of the OPPO phone is.

Unfortunately, in ColorOS, which is available on OPPO’s latest cellphone, this feature no longer exists. Even on some Android-based cellphones, the feature for making a name on the Lock Screen is no longer presented.

However, as a replacement, OPPO has introduced the Always On Display feature in several of its newest mobile phone series that can display time, date, notification, battery percentage, text, and photo information when the screen is resting.

Always On Display appears when the screen is at rest. That way, the display will appear first before entering the Lock Screen page.

How to Make a Name on the Always On Display of OPPO Smartphones

  • Open the app Settings on OPPO phone
  • Select the menu Personalization
  • Enter the menu Always-On Display
  • Choose an option Text or Text and image in the Personalized
    OPPO - Text - AOD Lock Screen
  • Next, type no what you want to show when Always On Display is on
  • Press the button Apply

Option Text allows you to fill it with text, adjust the color, size, weight, layout, character spacing, and line spacing of the text as needed.

Temporary option Text and image can display images, adjust blur, shape image frames, type text, and set other text requirements such as options Text.

OPPO - Text and Image - AOD Lock Screen ok

Interestingly, Always on Display can’t only be used on OPPO phones that already use AMOLED screens. There are several series of OPPO cellphones with TFT-LCD and IPS LCD screen types that also feature the Always On Display feature.

However, on average, the Always On Display feature that is present on OPPO cellphones that use a screen other than AMOLED cannot be added with a name or text so that it only displays information on the hour, date, notification, and battery percentage.

Unfortunately, so far, there is no other method that you can use if you display the name on the lock screen of your OPPO phone. But if your cellphone is an older model, you may still be able to find it in the settings menu.

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